About Us

INO Networks Group is a leading business network organization for freight forwarders and logistics companies. It has been managing three global and independent agent networks in the industry since April 2009. It has over 10 years' experience in building meaningful connections to help freight forwarders and logistics professionals' business flourish.

Forward Thinking

Freight Talk is created by INO Networks Group with the idea of connecting stakeholders (air, sea, land transportation, freight forwarders, maritime, logistics, and including their sub segments) online in the industry. The purpose is to save time, reduce costs and increase the productivity, and for sure, speed up the opportunity to make new contacts, to collaborate and share knowledge.

The idea was dropped into the minds in 2013. It has come to life in 2023. The main target is to remove borders to develop business, and making the network activity a daily routine of stakeholders in the industry.

The founder and chairman of INO Networks Group and creator of Freight Talk, Mr. Kemal KIRIKKANAT say "The difficult part was not the creating this idea, it was deciding when we would launch and present this to the industry."

In today's competitive business environment in the transportation, maritime and logistics industry, Freight Talk delivers the technology ideally suited for efficient networking, collaboration, virtual meetings, and online communication.

We help thousands of business owners, marketing, sales and operation people, and managers worldwide to stay connected, share knowledge and experience, win new partners and make deals.