Warranty Policy

Cancellation and Refund Transactions

1) All users are given a free trial period to have information about what the Freight Talk online video calling platform is, what components the service consists of and how the system works.

2) Users who have decided to purchase services from Freight Talk; It means that they have used the system during the free trial period, participated in online video calls, understood the service offered and the components that make up this service, and liked this product.

3) Shopping from Freight Talk is an action that takes place entirely within the consciousness of the user.

4) Freight Talk may stop the service purchased by the user if it sees that the rule/rules specified in any of the Terms of Use are violated.

5) Freight Talk has the right not to provide the discontinued service. Therefore, there is no cancellation or refund of purchased or discontinued subscriptions.

Warranty Conditions

1) Freight Talk cannot be held responsible for situations such as causal or accidental loss of income and benefits, forced interruption, loss of the program, or other data that may arise directly or indirectly from being a user of Freight Talk.

2) Freight Talk is presented to the user as it is and does not guarantee that the above-mentioned situations will not occur or that the contents are complete, accurate, and useful.

3) Freight Talk is authorized to change, remove or add new content in whole or in part without being bound by anything.

4) Freight Talk does not delay/postpone a subscription for any reason and does not undertake to do so.

Contact Details

If you have any other questions or comments about our Warranty Conditions, please send an email to helpandlegal@freighttalk.com or write to us at the following address:

INO Uluslararası Nakliye Organizasyon Ltd. Şti.
1593/1 Sok. No: 6 Lider Centrio C Blok Kat 4
daire 33 ve 34 Bayraklı Izmir Türkiye